Calling All Boss Women

What is the Gild

The Gild is comprised of women who believe in supporting + empowering other women.

?Monetize your passion

?Give back globally & locally

?Live the Golden Life by doing what you love everyday

?Travel​ & Work where they want - when they want

?Create True Freedom

​Is the Gild for me?

​The Gild is made for EVERY woman with hustle & heart. 

If you have a business or passion or looking to start one, the Gild is for you. 

As a member of the Gild, you will gain immediate access to...

? Tools to run your social media

?Learn attraction marketing & social commerce strategies

?Social selling strategies a non-invasive way

? Selling materials, training videos & more

?Supportive Group of Boss Women to help you grow


I am so grateful... I cannot stop saying it... It is each one of The Gild girls that has inspired loved filled with positivity... and the abundance of KINDNESS has completely changed my life. So, again: Thank you!!


I've been waiting my whole life for a place and a group of women like this. I feel so at home and so supported by all of you. I am taking all my sales and entrepreneurial queues from the Gild Girls. Thank you for teaching me and putting your efforts out so publicly so I may learn from you. You all are so incredible and so inspiring to me!!! I'm learning as fast as I can and also trying my best to stretch myself professionally. I never really knew how to work social media (but I'm doing my best!) I love what we have.


The Gild has helped me become a better version of myself. I was in search of my next step in life but was not sure what that was going to be, until I heard about The Gild. I knew right then and there that I was in! My personal journey has been a joy for family and friends to watch. As far as my professional life, my clientele has grown with the cross promoting and the tips The Gild has offered on using social media to increase business. It's great to be a part of a team of women who are like minded and understand the value of a hard earned dollar. To have a group that encourages you, motivates you, and supports your success is AMAZING! I am thankful everyday that I have had this opportunity to be a part of The Gild and I will work hard everyday to be the best version of myself because of it.

How do I join?

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