Find What Yoga Works For You

Find What Yoga Works For You

JandLcity journeyed to Sat Nam Yoga to meet up with Yoga teacher and blogger, Andrea Klunder. We spent an afternoon in her element to learn more about how her practice of Yoga Nidra helps her as a creative.

There is a misconception in western civilization that meditation is a passive practice. However, meditation is much more than that. The goal in meditation is to become more aware of yourself, surroundings, feelings, and emotions--This takes a conscious effort of your mind. How many times have you sat in the dark trying to “meditate” and struggled to quiet your mind? Thoughts racing and the more you try the harder it seems. Yoga is all about finding balance, so meditation takes practice.

In order to achieve success in meditation and the Yoga practice as a whole, one must have a skillful teacher or practitioner. Andrea emphasizes how crucial an experienced teacher is in finding out what system is right for you. Different yoga sequences and meditations target different results.


”All too often people try yoga once and it doesn’t work for them so they get discouraged. Could have been the wrong class, the wrong teacher, the wrong approach.”

So Andrea decided it was time to call out the bullshit. In the process of writing a memoir, Andrea started blogging in hopes to rid the misconceptions of yoga and call out the bs within the industry. “I saw a $29.99 Groupon for a yoga instructor certification and I thought, Bullshit!”


“Yoga is such a diverse practice that you really have to experiment until you find what’s right for you.” --And it’s well worth the time exploring. The scientific benefits yoga has on the brain and nervous system are extremely beneficial for the creative mind.

Andrea discovered these benefits as a college student trying yoga for the first time. She then became a certified Yoga teacher a a few years later. Always looking for the next exciting thing, Andrea found a practice which enables her to cultivate her creativity as a blogger, Meditation Teacher, Musician, Creative, and Entrepreneur. Yes, she is really that awesome!

Her most recent focus, Yoga Nidra, is a guided meditation practice. Yoga Nidra doesn’t involve specific yoga postures. Rather, it combines the philosophy of yoga, breathing, meditation, creative visualization, and deep relaxation, all while laying on the floor. Andrea begins her teachings by playing an instrument that eases her students into a state of relaxation. She guides them through a series of visualizations to help direct their thoughts. Having a guided thought process helps you focus on the little things you’ve let linger in the back of your mind. This practice is not only healthy for processing thoughts and emotions, but it also frees up your brain power for creative thinking.


Andrea creates Toolkits on her blog and through her podcast, Creative Imposter. These lifehacks she describes as, “tools you can add to your kit to help you feel more creative and less like an imposter.” She gives readers free step by step guides on meditation to make their lives easier. It’s all about finding your own path through meditation, having the right teacher, and trying new things! While it may seem overwhelming at first, once you find your zen the benefits are life changing.

Andrea teaches Yoga and meditation at Sat Nam Yoga. Join her for a session or check out her blog, Creative Imposter, for more ways to find the right practice for you.

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